Joint meeting of the Canadian and American Quaternary Associations

Crossing borders in the Quaternary

Conference Location: Carleton University
Ottawa, Canada
07-11 August 2018


Abstract submission and registration are now closed for the CANQUA/AMQUA 2018 conference but registration has re-opened. Click on the red box below for a PDF file of the conference schedule.



If you have any questions please emai:

Instructions for Presenters


Each oral presentation time slot is scheduled for 20 minutes. Ideally, this will include a 15 minute talk followed by 5 minutes for questions and switching between talks. Please name your presentation file as "LASTNAME_Session". The preferred format for presentations are powerpoint files. Please introduce yourself to your session chairs and load your presentation in the morning before your talk or during the lunch break for those speaking in the afternoon sessions. 


Poster presentations must include paper title, author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s). The poster boards are horizontal with maximum dimensions of 45.75”/ 1.17m  high and 94.75” / 2.40m  wide. Push pins to attach the posters will be provided. Poster Sessions will be in the foyer outside the lecture rooms where the talks are held in Richcraft building (2nd floor).

There will be two poster sessions, one on August 8th and one on August 10th (see schedule). Unofficial viewing can take place all day however, we encourage poster presenters to be in front of their posters during the designated poster session.

Poster Iinstallation and removal:

Posters will be grouped by sessions. Your poster must be installed on your assigned board.  A poster location map will be available to direct you to your spot and the boards will be appropriately marked.  Poster presenters are responsible for mounting and removing their posters. Volunteers will be available to direct you to your allotted poster board, and to assist with mounting the poster, if necessary.


Poster Session 1:

  • Set up time: After 7 pm on August 7th

  • Official poster session August 8th 4:30 - 6:30 pm

  • Poster removal: August 8th 6:30 pm 


Poster Session 2:

  • Set up time: After 6:30 pm on August 8th

  • Official poster session: August 10th 12:30 - 2:30 pm

  • Poster removal: August 10th 2:30 pm (to allow for Banquet set up). 


Accommodations for the duration of the conference through Carleton University Residence Services can also be booked through the online registration form. Single Suite Residence accommodations in the Frontenac Building have been reserved for conference attendees. Single Suites consist of 2 single bedrooms with double beds with a shared washroom and meal preparation/dining area. Each suite includes a refrigerator and microwave.  Breakfast from Aug 8-11 is also included in the cost of the room. Cost is $70/night per bedroom *4 nights and includes breakfasts = $280 +tax = $316.40 or for $632.80 you can pay for the entire suite (2 bedrooms and 2 breakfast per day). 


The online registration form has 3 options to pay for the suite.

1) You can pay for the whole suite

(i.e. 2 bedrooms +2 breakfasts/day) Cost $632.80;

2) You can pay for half the suite

(1 bedroom + 1 breakfast/day) Cost $316.40; or

3) you can select that your suitemate is paying for the suite

and breakfasts.


No matter which choice you select please include the name

and affiliation of your suitemate so that we get the matches

right on our end.


There is also an option on the online registration form if you would like us to put you in contact with potential suite mates for the conference.


If you do not wish to stay in residence Ottawa also offers many great Hotel and AirBnB opportunities for accommodations.


Many great events have been organized for the conference including an optional pre-conference field trip and workshops, a mid-conference field trip, and an optional post-conference field trip. Read more about these events on the website below and register for them during your Online Registration process.   

Award Winners

Both CANQUA and AMQUA will be presenting their major society awards during the banquet on Friday August 10th 2018. We congratulate the recipients of the following awards  




W.A. Johnston Award

Dr. W. Richard Peltier

Department of Physics,

University of Toronto

Davies Marissa.jpg

Aleksis Dreimanis Doctoral Scholarship

Marissa Davies

Department of Earth Sciences, University of Toronto

Cathy Whitlock.jpeg


Dr. Cathy Whitlock 

Montana State University

Gifford Miller.jpg


Dr. Gifford Miller

University of Colorado-Boulder



Michelle A. Chaput 

University of Ottawa



Session: S1

The Quaternary record of aeolian systems in mid- to high-latitudes

Stephen Wolfe (Geological Survey of Canada)

Nick Lancaster (Desert Research Institute)

Session: S2

Island biogeography in a changing world: an interdisciplinary roadmap from the Quaternary


 Melissa Kemp (Harvard University)

Alexis Mychajliw (La Brea Tar Pits and Museum)

Session: S3

Empirically testing paleoglaciological hypotheses and models

Jonathan E. Cripps (Simon Fraser University)

Tracy A. Brennand (Simon Fraser University)


Session: S4

Syntheses of human-environment interactions during the Holocene

Konrad Gajewski (University of Ottawa)

Michelle Chaput (University of Ottawa)

Session: S5

Mapping the Quaternary – Advances and applications of surficial geology mapping

Kristen Kennedy (Yukon Geological Survey)

Dan Utting (Alberta Geological Survey

Alain Plouffe (Geological Survey of Canada)

Session: S6

Reducing the “Time to Science”: Data Management in the Quaternary Sciences (lightning session 5 min talks)

Simon Goring (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Michelle Chaput (University of Ottawa)

Konrad Gajewski (University of Ottawa)

Session: S7

Improving understanding of Quaternary Environments through multi-proxy, network, or statistical advances

Andria Dawson (Mt Royal University)

Simon Goring (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Session: S8

The relict permafrost environment

Trevor Porter (University of Toronto - Mississauga)

Denis Lacelle (University of Ottawa)

Duane Froese (University of Alberta)

Session: S9

Changes in the wildfire regime and impact on ecosystem structure and function

Olivier Blarquez (University of Montreal)

Nicolas Pelletier (Carleton University)

Session: S10

High-resolution Records of the Common Era

Jeannine-Marie St-Jacques (Concordia University)

Matthew Peros (Bishop's University)

Session: S11

New Perspectives on the Use of Karst Basins for Paleoenvironmental Research: Implications for Paleoclimatology, Paleontology, and Archaeology

Matthew Peros (Bishop's University)

Eduard G. Reinhardt (McMaster University)

Anna Acosta G'meiner (Environmental Consultant, Toronto)

Session: S12

Geohazard processes and impacts: Landslides, Floods, Earthquakes, Permafrost and others

Andree Blais-Stevens (NRCan)

Michael Parkhill (ERD - New Brunswick)

Greg Brooks (Natural Resources Canada)

Session: S13

The Application of Quaternary Science to Societal Issues in the 21st Century

Rolfe D. Mandel (University of Kansas)

Julio Betancourt (USGS)

Ester Sztein (The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine)

Session: S14

General Contributions


Session: S15

Reflections on John Shaw's career and contributions to geoscience

 Tracy Brennand

Peter Ashmore

Mandy Munro-Stasiuk

David Sharpe 

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07-11 August 2018

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Pre-Conference field trip

Break (20 minutes)